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This year we have made it super easy to get gifts that are eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable for the people you love the most!

We have created for you a selection of our favourite Gifts and Kits under £5, £10 and £15.

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Sustainable Products for everyone under an Ethical market

Our commitment is to use quality and sustainable materials in every product that you shop.

Additionally, we work hard to make sure your orders are always plastic-free, using pre-loved cardboard boxes to make sure nothing is wasted in the process!

With your purchases, you are helping us to keep fighting for our planet!

Biodegradable film!

Say goodbye to plastic

Our Bath Bombs are wrapped in a biodegradable film so after you use them, just place the film into your compost bin.

Alternately, you can use them with the film on and it will dissolve in your hot bath.