In 2017 we decided we could not take this anymore.

It is in front of everyone’s eyes, however we often do not confront this simple yet devastating truth:

“EVERY single piece of plastic that has ever been created since the 19th century is still SOMEWHERE on our planet. So if it never goes away, where does it go?”

Plastic is difficult to escape. Simply walk through your local supermarket and take in the sheer number of products housed in plastic. We feel we do our part for the planet by recycling. But do we?

Recycling itself is a bit of a misnomer because only two types of plastic are widely recyclable — and even then, it’s downgraded into other products which cannot be recycled further. It’s a one time deal. The next step for these items is the landfill — or worse, the ocean, where plastic seriously harms wildlife, the ecosystem and eventually, our health.

This is why Green&Mango was born

We thought to ourselves, “how can we create interest and excitement in sustainable materials while adhering to ethical business practices?”

Following this idea, we founded Green&Mango: The first totally Eco-Friendly Health and Beauty e-store in the UK

Our small production and development team continues to design affordable, earth-friendly products that we proudly share with the rest of the world.