LoofCo Kitchen Brush


This vegan friendly, plastic free and biodegradable kitchen brush is a natural brush made using coconut coir attached to a convenient cotton hanging string for easy drying. Since they’re made of coconut instead of plastic it makes them environmentally friendly and non-toxic as well as having antibacterial properties. Perfect for a zero waste and plastic free lifestyle, while maintaining the same cleaning properties of normal plastic dish brushes.It is a robust material with rust-proof galvanised metal core that targets stubborn marks and looks so much better than the standard plastic ones.

The recyclable brush is handmade in Sri Lanka by villagers who are supported and given workers rights. All business practices are Fair Trade and ethical, making it a guilt free purchase.

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Eco-friendly alternative to plastic washing-up brushes
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Handmade in Sri Lanka
Packaged in recyclable card


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